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Introducing: Our 'Gift-It' Snack Canisters

luxury nut mix

If you've been on the site recently, you would have noticed that in addition to our usual bags (which have had a long-overdue makeover), we have started to introduce a completely new packaging format.

This takes the unconventional form of a rectangular canister with rounded corners, that calls to mind (depending on who you ask) a tin of beautifully packaged, premium preserved seafood from Spain, served with slices of warm, freshly made sourdough; or that exquisite box of chocolate truffles you get as a gift at Valentine's or Christmas, to be savoured piece by piece at a later date.

But its looks are not even the best part of this packaging.

Apart from being made from recycled paper, these canisters are also recyclable as paper, which means less plastic being used and in circulation. The other miracle of this packaging is how well the products last in the canisters. Without going into technical details, the aluminum-lined canisters do a much better job at keeping the product fresher for longer, ideal, for instance, for travels in hot and humid parts of the world.

The understated and sophisticated design, originally conceived for our luxury hotels and upscale bars stockists, have also found their fans in customers wanting to add a fancy touch to their gifting and entertaining efforts.

Paired with our highly unique flavours and small batch process, our luxury snack canisters are truly product and experience in a single package.

Indulgence truly do start here.


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