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Last Supper Food: Cheese, Dates, and Walnut Toasties

(AKA 'Treat yourself coz you literally won't get another chance' series)

I plan to write and talk to you about a great many things in this blog. Mostly about food, and at times about travel, nostalgia, and culture, because as we all know, food and life intersect in ways nothing else does. Except perhaps water. But we can all agree that water is boring, so let's talk about food.

In what I hope to be the first article of the series, I intend to talk about Last Supper Foods- those foods you ate which left a lasting impression, which, if you get one last chance, one last day on earth where you can eat anything you want, this would be one of them.

In my opinion, there are very few foods in life which gives its eater as much pleasure, as the grilled cheese sandwich. Being the food equivalent of a blank canvas, you can do as much, or as little as you want to it; you can be extravagant and make it with lobster meat, or you can go the dorm room staple of sliced white bread, supermarket ham, and processed cheese way.

And then, there is its versatility. Add a salad, and it's a full meal; wrap it in a brown paper bag, and it becomes a portable food, a snack- although you'd want to eat it straight away. A cold grilled cheese sandwich is another creature altogether, and best approached with the utmost caution and apprehension.

I set eyes upon a version of this grilled cheese sandwich around a year and a half ago, when it popped up on my Insta feed. You know one of those moments where you simply. just. know.? This was me and this sandwich. I simply had to have it.

This recipe is inspired by Sam Hillman, by way of Smudge Eats. Like our snacks and the best flavour profiles, it's a balanced medley of sweet and salty, of textures soft, oozy, and crusty and chewy, all in a single bite.

I have no regrets. #MakeSnacksGreatAgain

Cheese, Dates, and Walnut Toasties - A (Somewhat) Recipe

2 slices of good bread per serve - I have used seeded sourdough
Butter, generous and at room temperatureBrie cheese, sliced thicklyGruyere cheese, preferably mature, coarsely gratedWalnuts (optional), lightly toasted and roughly choppedDates, roughly choppedHoneySea Salt

Get all your ingredients together before starting (I never do because I prefer to panic at the last minute, but please be better than me). Butter your bread slices generously on BOTH sides. Heat a pan to medium- make sure the bottom is big enough to fit both slices. Place bread slices and toast until light golden. Flip, and while the other side is toasting, layer on the brie and gruyere cheese on top. Add walnuts and dates, and sprinkle a bit more gruyere on top. Put the two sides together (cheesy side facing each other), and continue to toast until a nice, deep golden brown. Drizzle honey on top, cut in half if desired, and get your face straight in there and go to heaven.



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