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Late Night Toastie Recipe

This recipe was developed for our partners at Fraser Suites Sydney, where they have both the luxury of an equipped apartment-sized kitchen in all their suites, as well as the convenience of a packet of The Hangover nut mix at the mini bar. If you are making this at home, please feel free to adapt the recipe as required. This is a great recipe to make with little more than bits and pieces and leftovers. You really cannot go wrong.

There will be nights when you are away from the comforts of home, after a very long day, where you find yourself voraciously hungry long after it is possible to order room service.

 On such nights, this grilled cheese toastie is the perfect, unfussy, satisfying food. The best part is that, all you need is some leftovers: a couple of slices of bread, a dab of butter, a bit of cheese, a quarter of an apple- and you will have a delicious, cheesy, delectable sandwich.

Late night grilled cheese toastie

Late Night Grilled Cheese Toastie, a la Fraser Suites Sydney

2 slices of bread per serve - we have used sourdough, but any would do in a pinch
Brie cheese, sliced thickly
Cheddar cheese, preferably mature, coarsely grated (or crumbled)
Green apple (from Reception), sliced thinly
The Hangover peanut Mix from your MiniBar, about a Tablespoon, lightly toasted in a a dry pan and roughly chopped
Honey and Sea Salt (optional and to taste)

Butter your bread slices generously on BOTH sides. Heat a pan to medium- make sure the bottom is big enough to fit both slices. Place bread slices and toast until light golden. Flip, and while the other side is toasting, layer on the brie and cheddar cheese on top. Add the apple slices and a bit of The Hangover peanut mix on one side only, and sprinkle a bit more gruyere on top. Put the two sides together (cheesy side facing each other), and continue to toast until a nice, deep golden brown. Drizzle honey and top with the remaining nut mix.


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