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Behind the Brand: Soren Trampedach, Work Club Melbourne and Sydney

As part of our July shoot at the stunning co-working space, Work Club Melbourne , next week, we went behind the scenes with its founder, Soren Trampedach, who has worked across 5 continents around the world, and (conveniently) speaks 6 languages.


Q: What is the idea behind Work Club, and what made you want to create it?

I came up with the initial concept in 2005. I have a theory which I've had for a long time, and it's around Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived in Florence during the early Renaissance period, where Florence was the center of the world. Da Vinci was very conscious of the people with whom he surrounded himself, because he believed that diversity in his network elevated the quality of his works. Fast forward to today, what I believe is, regardless of whether you are a solopreneur, or a major multinational business, if you work within your own tribe, industry, or network, you are less likely to find answers to the disruption that is happening across all industries. If you move outside these silos, you will increase the probability of at least getting different perspectives on all these changes, and what they mean to you.

So for me, it was always about, what if I could create a space with as many different kinds of people as possible, that would expand people's horizons. I then started thinking about how it would need to look, feel, smell, what are the experiences that needed to be built around it. And that's the way it started. I have another business which is around fitouts and furniture, so I brought my views around functionality to the space, because it needs to cater to people from the very conservative, very formal introvert, through to the creative extrovert, and everyone in between, so it needs to be a functional space to work in where people are comfortable. It's not work, it's a lifestyle.

Q: What does an average work day look like to you?

A work day for me starts from the moment I wake up until the time I head off to bed. I developed a routine which is very important to me, and which I stick to every day. I start the morning by going to the gym, and when I get to work, the first thing I do is clean up the emails that came in overnight. Then, I dedicate an hour or two to the most challenging strategic tasks of the day. I check my emails again around midday, and spend the afternoon tackling the tactical side of things.

Q: Are there any future plans to open up a Work Club space in another country?

I can't reveal too much at this stage, but expansion plans are definitely in the works. I've always seen Work Club as a concept that would work globally, and I am currently weighing up a few options in terms of sites, and we have been putting in place systems and processes for the expansion.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you without Work Club?

I don't work as far as I'm concerned. Weekends are a nuisance sometimes, because nobody else is there. I love what I do in that sense, and I don't have a distinction between work and life, because what I do for work, I would do outside of work as well. I like to read, I'm interested in the future of work, and in the future of business and what that means. I love philosophy, I love design, I love business, and I'm interested in people, and Work Club is a vehicle for all that and pushing those boundaries. Outside of Work Club, my family is important. I have two kids that I'm very close too so I try to be very present when I am with them.

Q: Describe your perfect dinner party.

Ideally, we'll have 8-10 people from a variety of different backgrounds/industries, and personalities. I'd have 2 School of Life 100 Questions cards on each plate, so we can skip the small talk and go straight into the real conversations. Food-wise, I've always liked simple, wholesome, quality food; my wife makes some really great-tasting, interesting salads, and we'll probably also serve some good quality meat (beef and fish) to go with them.

Q: What is your favourite indulgent office snack?

I try to eat a very wholesome diet during the weekdays, and let loose on the weekends, so I normally snack on protein bars and one bulletproof coffee a day.

To find out more about Work Club and its current locations, visit http://workclubglobal.com/


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