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Q&A with The Lady Behind the Wondersnack Brand

Today we are going behind the brand to get to know the "Queen of Snacks" herself, Christy Loekito...

Describe a routine "day in the life of" a The Wondersnack Co.

There is no routine! Each day is different, and it's as great and as frustrating as it sounds. I usually check emails first thing, and then proceed from there. Usually there is a component of communication with our warehouse/logistics partner about orders and inventory, and replying to emails. I'm very fortunate to work with an amazing team, and although all of us work remotely, we stay in touch throughout the week to update each other on all the going-ons in sales, marketing, and general happenings in the business.

What was your inspiration behind the Wondersnack brand?

It wasn't an inspiration as much as a desire to create interesting and unique snacks that taste amazing, using ingredients that people recognise and can find in their pantry. All our recipes are first developed in a domestic setting before we scale up to a commercial level, because I believe that's how food should be made.

All time favourite Wondersnack? And why?

It's like asking to choose a favourite child- completely impossible! I would depend on what I'm in the mood for, but I'm usually very partial to our aromatic Balinese satay blend, Street Cart.

What is the biggest startup lesson you have learned so far?

That any goal can be achieved through persistence, time and a great team of people.

Any takeaway words for aspiring food entrepreneurs?

Things take longer than you anticipate; the best time to start was yesterday, but the next best time is today. Be resillient, be open to constructive criticism, and build an amazing team who will take you towards achieving your dreams, because you can't do it alone!

...let's go "off-record"....

Which 3 celebrities would you invite on a Wondersnack picnic and why?

- Nigella Lawson, for obvious reasons.

- Chrissy Teigen, because she's hilarious and loves food

- Adam Liaw, again, great sense of humour and is an excellent cook

And lastly...What screen saver picture is currently in your phone?

- a photo of my French Bulldog 'son' Brutus!


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