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On Board a Vintage Steam Train- A Story with (a lot of) Snacks

In keeping with our theme this month, we went on a train adventure of our own last weekend. Unfortunately, a combination of time and workload doesn't allow for an extended holiday onboard a luxury train line (boo!). We did, however, get to experience something very close to travelling onboard a first class carriage, all for a few very enjoyable hours out of a Sunday afternoon.

We are referring to the quaint and wonderful Puffing Billy train, of course. Running on an historical track dating back to 1800, the restored steam train now runs exclusively to carry tourists through the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. While the open back carriages, filled with young families and tourists alike, are more lively and congenial in nature, the front 3 carriages, which are reserved for dining guests, are perfectly suited for a date, or even a get-together with a small group of friends.

The dining carriages were a very civilised affair, all starched white tablecloth, plush chairs, proper glassware and local wines (which we had to hold on to on a few rough patches of the journey!) with a 3-course lunch menu available if you choose, or an indulgent charcuterie platter of cured meats, marinated vegetables, and cheese to share. We finished off the return leg of the journey with a key lime tart, and warm, fluffy scones with strawberry jam and the best cream I've had in recent memory.

And of course we packed some Wondersnacks in our prop vintage case (which totally matched the steam train) for the much less glamorous, 2.5 hour round-trip commuter train ride to Belgrave station.Because you never know when you'll be in want of a great snack...


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