THE HANGOVER : savoury-sweet blend of duck-fat roasted peanuts in maple syrup

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So-named for its list of ingredients; namely free-range duck fat, maple syrup, and worcestershire sauce, coating a mixture of salty peanuts in addictive secret spices. 'Familiar yet different', is how some folks have described this Wondersnack. We generally prefer the description 'crack'.  Works wonders in peanut butter ice cream (FYI).

Always handmade, always small-batch.

Ingredients: Peanuts, brown sugar, worcestershire sauce ( brown vinegar, treacle, plum jam- sugar, plums, citric acid, fruit pectin, water-, onions, garlic, mustard powder, anchovies, spices), A-grade maple syrup, free-range duck fat, spices, sunflower oil, sea salt, chipotle chilli powder.
Dietary assignment: gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free.
Please note that all products are manufactured in a mixed use facility, and although the greatest care is taken, we are unable to absolutely guarantee that minute traces may not be present.

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